©2019 by Martin E .Insaurgarat


Martin's is a 20 years experience composer / musician specializing in music for Trailer, film, television, and video game.

Managing several musical genres, specialized (but not limited) in Hybrid, Epic, Aggressive Styles and Fantasy,  but also experience in Electro, Rock, Heavy, Pop, etc.


Martin auto-classified as a "hybrid Composer", mixing different elements of all kind music, plus the love, passion and hard work to create fresh and new music in constant evolution.

He have worked in many project like children music, video games, musical arrangements, mixing, mastering, 4000+ karaokes soundalike, and too many more.

Focalized in compose Trailer music, as well Films, TV and Games,

have several songs in the worldwide top label  / publishers for Trailer Music and Sound Design, getting placements / credits around the world.